How to Use VOESH Collagen Gloves In Your Manicure Services

Nail care is an essential part of self-care and relaxation for your clients. As a nail technician or salon owner, your primary goal is to offer your clients an extraordinary experience that not only leaves their nails looking stunning but also enhances their overall well-being. One way to achieve this is by incorporating VOESH Collagen Gloves into your gel manicure service. These innovative gloves, filled with vegan collagen and natural extracts, provide nourishment, protection, and a spa-like experience for your clients, making them a must-have addition to your menu.

What are VOESH Collagen Gloves?

VOESH Collagen Gloves are a pair of spa gloves filled with vegan collagen and infused with natural extracts. The rich formula nourishes the hands and arms, promoting softer skin and nail health. These gloves are particularly ideal for gel manicures as they offer 98.9% UV/LED protection to keep clients’ skin safe, ensuring that the gel polish cures effectively and quickly.

Why VOESH Collagen Gloves?

Upgrade Your Manicure Service:

VOESH Collagen Gloves take your regular gel manicure to a whole new level. By offering this specialized treatment, you can stand out from the competition and position your salon as a place that goes above and beyond to cater to its clients' needs.

Delight Your Customers with Instant Results:

Clients will love the immediate effects of the collagen formula, leaving their hands feeling soft, hydrated, and rejuvenated. The combination of a gel manicure with a collagen treatment ensures they walk out of your salon feeling pampered and looking fabulous.

Increase Revenue from Your Manicure Service:

By introducing the VOESH Collagen Gloves treatment, you can charge a premium for the enhanced experience and the visible improvements in their hands and arms. Satisfied clients are more likely to become loyal customers and spread positive word-of-mouth.

No Extra Time or Skill Required:

Incorporating Collagen Gloves into your gel manicure service is a seamless process that requires no extra time or specific expertise. It's a win-win for both you and your clients.

How to Use VOESH Collagen Gloves in Your Gel Manicure Service:

1. Create a Specialized Menu:
Develop a unique menu that combines the gel manicure with the Collagen Gloves treatment. Consider naming it something like "VOESH Collagen Gel Manicure" to highlight the exclusive experience.

2. Preparing the Gloves:
Before beginning the manicure, warm or cool the Collagen Gloves based on your clients’ preferences. For a warm and relaxing treatment, store the gloves in a hot towel cabinet. For a refreshing option, refrigerate them. This added touch elevates the pampering experience even further.

3. Applying the Collagen Cream:
Have the client wear the Collagen Gloves while you focus on massaging the cuticle areas, allowing the skin to absorb the nourishing cream. This process typically takes around 5 minutes.

4. Starting the Gel Manicure:
Once the collagen treatment is complete, remove the tips of the gloves following the perforated lines, revealing the nails. Proceed with the regular steps of soaking off, trimming, and cutting the nails.

5. Applying Gel Polish:
Before applying the gel polish, ensure there is no residue from the collagen cream on the nails by using alcohol or acetone.

6. Gel Manicure with Collagen Treatment:
While applying the gel polish, have the client keep the gloves on for 98.9% UV/LED protection and continued skin treatment.

7. Extra Massage:
Upon completing the gel manicure, invert the gloves and provide a relaxing massage with the remaining collagen cream. Start from the upper arms and move towards the wrists and forearms, using various massage techniques to enhance the experience. Clients will be amazed by the rejuvenating effects on their hands and arms after the treatment, leaving them feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Incorporating VOESH Collagen Gloves into your gel manicure service is a great way to elevate your offerings and provide your clients with a truly indulgent experience. The combination of the gel manicure and collagen treatment ensures beautifully polished nails and nourished, youthful-looking hands. By adding this unique service to your menu, you can increase revenue, attract new clients, and retain loyal customers who appreciate the added care and wellness benefits. Embrace VOESH Collagen Gloves and unlock the secret to a more fulfilling and satisfying manicure experience for your clients.

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