Introducing VOESH's NEW Solemate Heel Repair Balm

Get ready to take your salon to new heights as we introduce you to our Solemate Heel Repair Balm, the latest star in our lineup of innovative skincare solutions. This heel balm is a game-changing offering that will not only elevate your salon's retail sales, but also revolutionize your clients' at-home foot care routines. Discover how Solemate can transform your salon's success.

The Solemate Difference

At the heart of Solemate Heel Repair Balm lies a commitment to healthier, happier feet. We've harnessed the power of nature to create a formula that is clean, 100% vegan, and highly effective. This fast-acting balm transforms dry, cracked heels to their healthiest state after just one application. Your clients will instantly see and feel the results.

The secret is in our unique formula, featuring a blend of vegan squalane and four luxurious botanical oils, including eco-certified organic virgin olive oil. This powerhouse combination instantly hydrates and smoothes the skin, leaving your clients with feet they'll love to show off. Plus, our special wax trio also helps to shield skin from environmental stressors, keeping feet healthy and protected throughout the day.

5 Ways to Elevate Your Business with Solemate

1. Educational Workshops:

Host launch events or educational workshops to introduce Solemate Heel Repair Balm to your clients. Share the benefits of this product and how it can help your clients prioritize foot health.

2. Product Demonstrations:

Offer live demonstrations to showcase the transformative effects of Solemate. Let your clients experience the immediate results and feel the difference.

3. Retail Displays:

Create eye-catching retail displays within your salon, featuring Solemate Heel Repair Balm prominently. Highlight its unique features and benefits to pique your clients' interest.

4. Client Education:

Provide informative brochures and handouts explaining the benefits of Solemate Heel Repair Balm and how to incorporate it into their daily foot care routine.

5. Upsell:

Position Solemate as the perfect take-home foot treatment to encourage clients to use it in between salon visits.

Why Solemate?

Solemate addresses a common issue many of your clients face: dry, rough, or cracked heels. By offering this balm, you're not only enhancing your salon's retail offerings but also showing your commitment to your clients' overall well-being.

The clean, vegan formula means you can confidently recommend it to all your clients, regardless of their skin type. Whether they're looking to maintain their pedicure results, reduce discomfort, or simply indulge in a little self-care, Solemate Heel Repair Balm has them covered.

With our Solemate Heel Repair Balm, you're offering a solution that enhances your clients' lives. Boost client satisfaction and set your business apart as a place that truly cares about its clients' foot health.


In addition to our Solemate Heel Repair Balm, we’ve also launched our Heel Repair Duo, a perfect pairing that includes our Solemate Heel Repair Balm and Moisturizing Heel Socks. Together, these two products elevate at-home foot care regimens to nourish, repair, and protect dry, rough, or cracked heels.


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